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Prepare to Play

Start getting ready for your favorite sports by training hard and visualizing success. Any athlete knows the big goal or the big shot is made long before the game starts, during the months of hard work and preparation each dedicated athlete puts into their craft. Here are a few ways to be fit and ready to rise to the occasion when your team needs you most this season.

Keep in great shape.
Use some sort of workout routine to keep yourself committed to a consistent, challenging fitness regimen. Consult your coaches, parents, or teammates for workout tips and secrets. The main key to success is being disciplined enough to work hard everyday to achieve your fitness goals.

Have the right stuff.
Check your gear. Is it still working properly and is it what you need to succeed? Ask coaches to take a look at what you have and see if they think you'll be all right. New sports equipment can cost a pretty penny, so ask teammates or siblings if they have any gear you can use.

Attend a sports camp.
Sports camps are great for both beginners and veterans. These camps are run by professionals who know what they are doing and are all about making you the best athlete you can become. These camps offer a chance to run individual drills where you can brush up on technique and learn new moves as well as a chance to enjoy a great team challenge and meet new friends. If you aren't all about camps, get a group of neighborhood pals together to practice and play with. Nearly any sport, with just a ball and a net or a goal, is easy to start up a quick pick-up game.

Consult with a doctor.
Just about every sport requires a physical examination in order to participate. Be sure to find a doctor and pass this physical, as well as ask about any concerns you may have. It is smart to do this in the summer months so as to beat the crowds of athletes who will be seeking a physical later in the fall.

Make goals.
Think about what you have achieved and what you want out of this season. No matter what the goal is, never compare it to other people. Set a goal for yourself to do your personal best and that is all that should count. An example is setting a goal to improve a certain skill-set, such as playing defense or rebounding. Other worthy goals are to make the team or to earn a certain amount of playing time or to set a number of wins you want the team to achieve.

Following these tips will bring you into sports season full of confidence and poised to succeed.

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