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Be Your Own Boss

Teenagers always find themselves in need of cash. It's important to get a car, have nice clothing, and save for college and other large expenditures. The majority of teens work summer jobs and minimum wage jobs during the year, such as mowing lawns or bagging groceries, to pay the bills. However, there are ways teens can become entrepreneurs.

Going into business for you offers a lot of benefits.
You can set your own hours, earn more money, gain experience, develop a good reputation, and learn self-confidence. Yet, many teens do not try to start a business. Becoming an entrepreneur requires a lot of hard work and responsibility. Also, there are sure to be obstacles to overcome to become successful. Here are ways you can begin thinking of how to start your own business.

Think about needs.
Identify ways you can help your community. Keep your eyes and ears open and pay attention to common problems you see, problems unique to your area. Say you live in a suburb and have a neighbor who drives a long commute to work every day, you can see this situation as an opportunity. Approach this neighbor and offer child care services, errand running services, and any other ways you can think of to make life easier for a busy, stressed commuter. This applies to every target demographic in the neighborhood. Another example is senior citizens. Older folks may want to learn more about today's technology and find it frustrating to use. You can offer classes and tutorials on common computer problems.

Now think about pricing.
Check at the library, online, or with friends about common prices charged for certain services. As a teenager, you can offer cheaper prices. This could lead to a competitive advantage over rival businesses because you can charge much lower prices and become a more appealing choice.

Market yourself!
Advertise, advertise, and advertise! Make catchy, colorful flyers with easy to understand service and contact information and then post advertisements everywhere you can. Ask local business, such as restaurants and gas stations, for permission to display your flyers in a prominent location, preferably near high traffic areas in the store such as the door and cash register. Post advertisements on telephone poles at busy intersections. Tell your neighbors about your new business. Get the word out!

Keep clients!
Now that you have some customers, it is your job to work very hard to keep them and consistently impress them with great service. Be sure to purchase a calendar or another organizational tool to keep track of every customer and all of their details about your next business interaction with them. For example, if you are supposed to walk a neighbor's dog next Tuesday at 2 p.m., then don't miss that appointment. Keep track of everything and stay organized.

Protect yourself.
Certain businesses require insurance. It is very important to have auto insurance if driving is an integral part of your business. If you are taking care of children or animals it is important to have the proper credentials and licensing.

With hard work, grit, and planning, you can not only start a highly popular business, you can learn important life lessons that will continue your success throughout your entire professional career!

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