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New Years Resolutions

Successful people know how to set and achieve goals. Perhaps as important as achieving your goal, it is absolutely crucial you set the right goal for yourself at the right time. A realistic, focused goal can do wonders for your productivity and success in every area of life. Here are ways to set personalized, reasonable, and achievable goals.

Be realistic and set focused, actionable goals.
A generic, broad goal of "I want to change the world" is impossible to measure and to know whether you ever achieved. Also, this goal is nearly impossible for everyone, when stated this way. However, a goal of "I want to tutor children for five hours a week" is specific, worth pursuing, and easy to measure.

Give yourself time.
It takes time to get used to the idea of a new goal. With time, the importance and relevance of this goal will become clearer and make more sense to you. Also, with time you will develop engrained habits to reach this goal that will become second-nature.

Repetition is the father of learning.
Repeat your goal aloud each morning. Keep things around in your room to constantly remind yourself of what you are striving for. For example, make a mantra, or a quick and easy to read statement of purpose about your goal, and then tape it next to your bathroom mirror. Everyday, read this goal while you brush your teeth and think about how you can accomplish it and why want to accomplish it.

Do it because you believe in it.
Do not set a goal for anyone other than yourself. For example, don't lose weight for anyone else. Lose it because it is what you want, and not what your girlfriend or mother wants. This applies to every goal you will ever set.

Don't let failures stop you.
You will mess up. Mistakes are an integral cog in the process of learning. Obstacles will always crop up. Remember, if your goal is very easy to achieve, it is most likely not a very ambitious goal. Be prepared for these challenges and confront them with excitement and vigor.

Set goals this way, and you will have a much larger chance of success. Furthermore, whether you reach your goal or not, chasing your dreams is always a very worthwhile and satisfying journey.

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