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Teenagers face a lot of pressure. Balancing school, work, friends, sports, family, and many other obligations are a lot to juggle. For most teenagers high school is the time when all of these pressures can seem, at times, overwhelming. It is easy to see why many teenagers feel alone or alienated when they don't feel like they can share these pressures with others. Sometimes teenagers can feel like the weight of the world is on their shoulders.

It is important to express these feelings.
Expressing feelings of frustration, anger, disappointment, hurt, and many other pressure-related feelings is the first step to feeling better and leading a happier, more productive life. The key here is to express these feelings constructively and at the right times. Do not wait until you feel hopeless or helpless to start sharing feelings with others. These are powerful emotions you are feeling and can come out in many ways, such as occasional outbursts of anger or acts of rebellion. Here are ways to handle pressure the right way.

Find someone you trust and vent.
Find anyone, it could be a parent, close friend, sibling, or older mentor figure like a coach or advisor, and just ask them to listen to you for a minute. Talk about all of the things you have been going through and how much it has been affecting you. Share everything. Do not sugar coat your problems. Even if you feel like saying something may sound stupid, you should know that if you honestly feel a certain way it is never stupid to express that. Doing this can be very hard. It takes a lot of trust and faith in the person you confide in to take you seriously and listen to you. Also, it takes a lot of courage to be honest with yourself and with others about your insecurities. Above all else, admitting these feelings is the first step to figuring out your problems.

Find some physical activity you enjoy.
When you feel upset or frightened, go swim laps or hit the gym. Doing this will help you relax physically and help to get out feelings of aggression, stress, or frustration. Also, it will improve your health.

Make time for laughs.
Always keep a sense of humor about things. Share a light-hearted joke or story with a pal or teacher and stay positive. Remember to smile and look at the bright side. For example, if you feel stressed about a recent promotion at work or about being named captain of the football team, remember you earned these accolades through hard work and you deserve the respect and responsibility they carry.

Take care of stress and pressure a step at a time.
The key here is to not let these issues build up to a level you feel you cannot handle. No matter what, always make time for yourself each day to find a way to let stress out. Doing this will nip pressure before it becomes unmanageable and will leave you feeling well-adjusted and confident about the future.

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