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Outpatient CT scans of the abdomen that were “combination” scans

This measures the frequency of patients receiving CT scans (also called CAT scans) of the abdomen that are "combination" scans. CT scans use X-rays to create a high-resolution image of the inside of the body. They can be performed with or without a substance called "contrast," which is either swallowed by the patient or injected into his or her veins. Usually, only a single scan with contrast or without contrast is needed. However, sometimes two scans are needed - one CT scan with contrast and one CT scan without contrast. Because CT scans use X-rays, it is better to use single scans instead of combination scans when possible.

To measure the frequency of combination scans, this measure uses a number between zero and one. A number closer to zero means fewer combination scans are being performed, while a number closer to 1 means that more combination scans are being performed. Numbers closer to zero may mean the hospital is performing well at limiting the use of combination scans to only when they are required for the patient's medical condition.

January 2010 - December 2010 data

'Combination' Abdominal CT Scans

Peformance Measure January 2010 - 
December 2010
MU Health Care 0.249
Missouri average 0.189
U.S. average 0.149

For the above table: Smaller numbers closer to zero are better.

Why is there only one table?

Because this is a new measure, only a limited amount of data is available. As past data on this measure becomes available, we will add another table showing our performance over time.

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