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Enhancing Safety and Quality

At University of Missouri Health Care, we focus on patient safety by investigating, reporting and preventing medical errors. We use the latest medical evidence to help us meet national patient safety goals. We also apply lessons from other businesses and industries, such as the pilot training that has helped make air travel the safest form of transportation.

To keep our patients safe, we are continually at work developing new technologies. Educating our doctors, nurses and other health care providers, as well as patients, about patient safety is an ongoing commitment for everyone at University of Missouri Health Care.

To learn more about what we are doing to improve the quality of care we provide and how you can help, please watch this video, "Partnering With Our Patients."

Quality improvement innovation

University of Missouri Health Care is dedicated to enhancing the quality of patient care. One way we improve care is by following proven techniques based on the latest health care research. Another way we strive to improve health care is by developing and implementing programs aimed at improving patient care in new ways. To learn more about some of our innovative quality-improvement programs, please click the links below.

Preventing infection

People can catch infections anywhere. That cold you caught at work last fall was an infection, and when your son needed antibiotics to treat that playground injury, that was an infection, too.

Patients seeking health care often have weakened immune systems or other medical conditions that make them especially vulnerable to infections. State-of-the-art heath care requires the use of many tools and techniques to improve and save lives, such as surgery, urinary catheters and ventilators to help patients breathe. However, every medical treatment carries a risk of complications or side-effects. Fortunately, the risk of complications can be lowered and many infections can be prevented when health care professionals follow careful practices. To learn more about different infections and what we are doing to prevent them, please click the links below.

Using technology to improve safety

Medications are a key part of modern medicine. Some drugs can save lives, such as insulin to control a diabetic person's blood sugar. Others can improve a person's quality of life, such as aspirin to treat a headache. However, all medications must be managed and taken carefully. Most people take medicine from time to time to treat the flu or other illnesses. Many people also take drugs to manage ongoing conditions, often called chronic conditions by health care professionals, such as asthma or high blood pressure. Some people regularly take dozens of medicines to treat multiple health conditions.

Doctors and other health professionals at University of Missouri Health Care prescribe and give thousands of medicines to hundreds of patients every day. We are committed to administering every medication safely. Health experts talk about the "five rights" of medication -- giving the right patient the right drug in the right dose at the right time using the right method (pill, IV, injection, etc.). At MU Health Care, we have introduced high-tech tools to help us make sure we provide our drugs safely. To learn more about what we are doing to ensure medication safety, please click the links below.

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