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Have you ever caught someone picking their nose? Have you ever had a bully or older sibling flick a booger at you (or you've been the attacker)? Now, at long last, you will know the real truth about boogers and their place in your body. 

Your body produces about a liter of snot every day. That's about half of a big Mountain Dew bottle worth of snot! Snot is actually another word for mucus. Mucus has the important job in your body of protecting your lungs from harmful substances like dust and dirt. Mucus traps the dirt around your nose hair, and then helps push them towards the front of your nose or the back of your throat. When everything dries together with the mucus, the result is a booger!

There is nothing to be grossed out about by boogers. In fact, if you did not have boogers then your nose would not be working the right way. You have probably discovered by now that boogers come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and textures. There are big, small, clumpy, dry, and slimy boogers. This just all depends on where you are at for the day and how much mucus your body is producing. 

When it's time to get rid of boogers, the best and most polite way to get rid of them is to blow them out of your nose and into a tissue. You also shouldn't pick your nose a lot - you could give yourself a bloody nose! Picking your nose can also cause the spread of a lot of nasty germs.

Now that you are educated in the ways of the booger, you can consider yourself a booger master!

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