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Farm Safety

Farms are a great place for kids. Farms offer plenty of air, sunshine, and space to roam around and have adventures. However, it is important to remember that farms are a place where real work gets done and that there are several hazards for children. To prevent accidents and enjoy your time on the farm safely, follow these safety rules.

Farm Equipment
A lot of farm equipment looks very cool; things like ATV's and tractors are fun to watch. However, they can be very dangerous. Here are a few quick rules to follow:

  • You could fall if the truck or tractor moves unexpectedly.
  • Never get in the tractor as an extra rider. This is distracting and dangerous for both the driver and you.
  • Always stay out of the way of moving equipment.
  • Do not use electric power tools without supervision and protective gear such as gloves and goggles.

There are plenty of cool, different animals around the farm to study and care for. What is important to keep in mind is that a lot of these animals are much bigger and stronger than you, and therefore it is important not to scare the animals. Listed below are a few more tips to do this:

  • Mothers will be very protective of their young. Take extra caution when dealing with younger animals on the farm.
  • When riding a horse, always wear a helmet and other protective gear.
  • Before you approach an animal, ask the owner or another knowing adult for permission.
  • Do not make any sudden, jerky movements around large animals. Doing this may scare them.

Toxic Materials
A farm almost always has some form of poisonous or harmful product around. Look out for poison, fertilizers, and other chemicals by watching for labels such as "poison," "caution," or "danger." Stay away from the areas where these materials are stored and be sure to wash your hands immediately and to not touch your face or any other body part if you come into contact with any of them. Also, make sure younger siblings or friends stay away as well and ask your parents or the owners of the farm to make sure these materials are in a safe location.

In Case of Emergency
It is important to act quickly and safely. If somebody is injured on the farm by an animal or using equipment, follow these guidelines.

  • Immediately turn off the equipment (if safe to do so) and call for help.
  • Call 911 as soon as possible and be able to fully explain the details of the situation to the phone operator. Be aware of where you are exactly, what happened, and make sure you stay on the line until the operator says it is okay to hang up.
  • Do not move the person. Moving could worsen the injury. Wait for a trained professional to arrive to take care of first aid.
  • If somebody is hurt by an animal, do not approach the animal if it is angry or showing signs of further aggression.
  • If harm results from a toxic substance, call poison control or 911 and be very specific about which hazardous object caused harm and how.

By following these guidelines, you can prevent harm and injuries at the farm for you, your family, and your pals.




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