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Your Child’s Health Care Team

As part of the care team for your child, your insight about your child and input about your child's care are important. Our staff is trained in specific areas of healthcare and in how to care for children. MU Children's Hospital is a teaching hospital. Your child will receive care from a team that may include several doctors and staff members. Don't hesitate to ask any of them, including doctors and nurses, to identify themselves and to explain their role in your child's care.


Attending Doctor
An attending doctor is your child's main doctor during a clinic visit or hospital stay. The attending doctor leads the team in developing your child's treatment plan.

Residents and Fellows
Residents and fellows are licensed doctors who are in training in pediatrics. These doctors will have the most contact with your child. They give daily orders for care and update the attending doctor(s) about your child's progress.

Primary Care Provider
This is the medical professional who referred your child to Children's Hospital.


Registered nurses (RNs)
RNs care for children staying in the hospital. The RN is your main contact with other members of your child's healthcare team. Your nurse will provide much of your child's day-to-day care. The nurse will also teach you and your child about your child's care. If you have questions about your child's care, you can ask the RN, the attending doctor or the fellow. Sometimes RNs work with nursing assistants, medical assistants, or other care providers to plan and coordinate each patient's care.

Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNSs) and Nurse Practitioners (ARNPs)
CNSs and ARNPs are registered nurses with advanced education and training. They oversee clinical practice and make discharge plans. They often coordinate care for complex medical conditions, consult with other nurses and teach family members about the child's care needs.

Nurse Managers and Charge Nurses
Nurse managers run the patient care unit 24 hours a day. Charge nurses manage each shift and coordinate care during that shift. Together they make sure that each child and family receives the care they need. If you have questions or concerns that your nurse cannot resolve, you can direct them to the charge nurse or nurse manager.

Other Healthcare Providers

Your child's health team may include other consulting doctors; physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapists; child life specialists; nursing and medical students; and other healthcare providers.

Chaplains are available 24 hours a day at Children's Hospital to provide confidential care to patients and families from diverse cultures and faiths. They can also help you find clergy of your faith or denomination.

Child Life Specialists
Child Life Specialists focus on your child's emotional and developmental needs. They help reduce the stress of a hospital stay. They assist patients and families to cope with the hospital experience. They also provide information about play, child development and adjustment to illness.

Medical Students
Medical students are studying at the University of  Missouri to become doctors. They receive instruction in pediatric specialty care at Children's Hospital. Attending doctors supervise medical students. Medical students may be at your child's clinic visit or take part in rounds with residents or the attending doctor when your child stays in the hospital.

The hospital maintains a staff of full-time registered dietitians to assist with your nutritional needs during your stay. If you have questions about your meals or diet, please call the food and nutrition services office at extension 9977.

Patient Accounts
Upon admission, your child's insurance identification card is needed, so we may assist you in receiving the maximum benefits to which you are entitled. A financial counselor can answer questions about your hospital bill and help you interpret financial policies and billing procedures at the hospital. If you have no insurance, representatives will talk with you about financial arrangements.

Housekeeping Staff
Your child's room will be cleaned each day by our professional housekeeping staff. The staff strives to make your child's room as clean and sanitary as possible. If you have any problem with your room, please tell your nurse or contact housekeeping by dialing "0" (zero) on the telephone. A member of housekeeping management will speak to you about your room.

Hospitality Services
MU Children's Hospital is committed to providing your family with a comfortable experience during your child's stay. If any part of your child's stay does not meet your expectations, please give us a chance to correct it. If you have a question or need service related to your child's room, such as housekeeping, linen, food service and nutrition, or if you need a personal care item, please contact Hospitality Services. Hospitality coordinators make regular rounds on floors throughout the hospital and visit patient rooms.

Occupational Therapists (OTs)
OTs evaluate and treat oral motor, fine motor and visual motor dysfunction. They provide functional training in self-care, home living skills and community reintegration. They also provide custom and commercial splints and positioning devices as well as consultation for infants and children with feeding problems.

Palliative Care Team
The Palliative Care Team offers consultation about the care of children with potentially life-limiting conditions. Our team includes a doctor, nurse and social worker who consult with the child's care team and parents. The Palliative Care Team addresses the physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs of children and their families.

Pharmacists prepare medicine prescribed by doctors. They can also tell you about a medicine's purpose, effectiveness and side effects.

Physical Therapists (PTs)
PTs provide therapy for difficulty with gross motor skills, balance, coordination, mobility and developmental motor skills.

Respiratory Therapists (RTs)
RTs evaluate, treat and care for patients with breathing or other cardiopulmonary disorders. They also educate parents about pulmonary medications and equipment, and prepare and support home respiratory support therapies.

Social Workers
Social workers are skilled counselors who work with families to provide emotional support and get the resources they need. This includes help paying for food, getting transportation and getting housing. They can help you plan for and find the things you will need before and after a hospital stay.

Volunteers contribute many hours of service to the hospital and are available to help make your stay as comfortable as possible. They can be identified by the navy blue uniforms they wear to signify they are members of the Volunteer Service Organization.

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