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Ortho: Trauma
Question What does "pin site care" mean?
Question What is my follow-up schedule?
Question What is your pain medicine policy?
Question What should I do before surgery?
Question When can I drive?
Question When can I go back to work?
Question When can I put weight on my broken extremity?
Question Where do I have to go for physical therapy?
Question Will I be able to travel?
Patient Financial Services
Question Can I be billed for my copayment or deductible?
Question Do you charge interest on your payment plans?
Question Do you have a financial assistance program?
Question How do I know my insurance was billed and the amount owed is correct?
Question How do I make sure a service will be covered?
Question How do I set up a payment plan on my balance?
Question How long does it take to process the application?
Question How will I know if I am approved?
Question If approved, will it cover my copays and deductibles?
Question If approved, will this cover all future services needed?
Question If denied, how do I appeal the decision?
Question If I can’t pay for my outstanding bills, will you deny me care in the future?
Question If I can’t pay in full for a procedure/treatment, can I make payment arrangements in advance?
Question My doctor referred my to your facility for treatment and told me there would be no charge when I came because you are a state hospital so why am I getting billed?
Question What discount do I get if I pay my balance in full after insurance pays?
Question What do I do when I have a Medicaid spenddown that I can’t afford?
Items 26 to 50 of 74 First | Previous | Next | Last

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