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Patient Financial Services
Question Can I be billed for my copayment or deductible?
Question Do you charge interest on your payment plans?
Question Do you have a financial assistance program?
Question How do I know my insurance was billed and the amount owed is correct?
Question How do I make sure a service will be covered?
Question How do I set up a payment plan on my balance?
Question How long does it take to process the application?
Question How will I know if I am approved?
Question If approved, will it cover my copays and deductibles?
Question If approved, will this cover all future services needed?
Question If denied, how do I appeal the decision?
Question If I can’t pay for my outstanding bills, will you deny me care in the future?
Question If I can’t pay in full for a procedure/treatment, can I make payment arrangements in advance?
Question My doctor referred my to your facility for treatment and told me there would be no charge when I came because you are a state hospital so why am I getting billed?
Question What discount do I get if I pay my balance in full after insurance pays?
Question What do I do when I have a Medicaid spenddown that I can’t afford?
Question What happens if my insurance doesn’t cover the service I need – do I get a discount?
Question What if I didn’t file taxes in the last two years?
Question What if I don’t want you to bill my insurance?
Question What rights do I have if a claim to insurance is denied?
Question What rights do I have if I don’t agree with the charges billed?
Question Why are the payment plans only set up for 12 months or less?
Question Why can’t we combine all of our family members into one payment plan for the hospital and physicians bills?
Question Why do I get two different bills – am I being billed twice for the same thing?
Question Why do I have to pay money down for procedures if I don’t have insurance?
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